[BangPypers] mobile application development

Mandar Gokhale stallomir at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 21:03:47 CET 2009

Well, those were a couple of good points and information is freely and
widely available to everyone using Google. But information is not really a
substitute for human interaction, which is why we still have taught classes
at Universities, rather than managing everything through learning modules
over the internet.

My point is this (firstly, remember that I don't quite like the tone of the
question used by the OP either, and looking at the language, my own reaction
*might* conceivably have been a knee-jerk one of JFGI), would a lively
discussion regarding mobile app development on Python have been more
constructive, and more encouraging towards newcomers in this area? Maybe
something like trying to incorporate something of the nature into the next
meeting? My only concern is that perhaps rancour might be taking the place
of lively discussion here.

Anyway, I'm probably done trying to make this point. If anyone does have
experience/links to resources regarding using Python for developing mobile
apps, please post them. Thanks a lot.

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