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> Google employees are being discouraged from using Python for new
> projects<
> http://www.reddit.com/r/Python/comments/a2qxs/bad_news_google_employees_are_being_discouraged/
> >
> http://www.reddit.com/r/Python/comments/a2qxs/bad_news_google_employees_are_being_discouraged/

I read through the entire discussion, and this comment caught my

Yeah, I was thinking about this, and it's interesting to note that
there are very few CPython developers who are paid to work on CPython.
 They're all volunteers.  As such, performance really isn't a priority
the way it is for the JVM.  The Ruby folks are getting funding (from
EngineYard and others) to work on their VMs because people have
realized that MRI is too darn slow to serve web applications and they
want to fix it. "

Well, the supposedly biggest "friend" of open source is
supposedly using Python in a large scale for all its developer APIs
and the creator of Python works there, so I don't get why
Google cannot take the leadership and fund a few CPython
core developers to get it up to speed, if that is what they
really want. Instead of that they are creating confusion by
starting on projects like Unladen Swallow, criticizing CPython
and finally this rumor - it clearly doesn't help Python language
in any way, though it could be helping Google.

In this vein, Microsoft is far better than Google since they
actually funded and executed an entire project like IronPython,
recruiting Jim Hugunin and giving him a rather free hand.
Why is it that Google is not able to contribute in a similar
way to the Python ecosystem and the language even with
the creator himself being part of the company ?

I don't think Google is good for Python language at all. They
could be the biggest promoter of the language or they could
be finally end up diminishing its adoption, by giving out all
this entirely different messages which doesn't seem to add

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