[BangPypers] Fwd: Python at KCG College of Technology, Chennai

Manish Sinha mail at manishsinha.net
Mon Dec 21 11:29:52 CET 2009

Sorry for such a late reply.

The college from which I graduated in 2009 has a LUG which organizes
activities related to FOSS.
In Jan '09 when I was in college, we all organized Python Workshop.

Announcement: http://www.lugmanipal.org/2009/01/25/python-workshop/
Slides: http://www.lugmanipal.org/2009/02/21/python-workshop-slides/

I hope another Python workshop is queued in January.

P.S: Yuvi, I know Manipal is quite far from Chennai (geographically)

Manish Sinha
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