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Thanks for your valuable advice.
This can be done using caching. But can be work out only with DB or File Caching ... Local Memory Caching will not work out ... as again it will face a same problem.

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you should not assume your application server will never re-instantiate, cycling process is just the natural.. i guess you can always limit your web-server to one process but thats bad

as you wrote
>>I was facing the same problem in Django Development server also, but I am able to come across the same using '--noreload' option, python manage.py runserver --noreload, and updation of my variable is working properly
thats because it's one process serving one application to one person, in production, thats no feasible
you don't resolve it, to be in that situation you must be doing something wrong. If you wana store state, store it in cache.
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