[BangPypers] what is __slots__

Sibtey sibteym at infotechsw.com
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__slots__ is generally used for the memory optimization , suppose you are 
creating the 100 objects of a class then each instance of that class contain 
the __dict__.
As you know that __dict__  holds all the attributes of a class per instance 
basis, so __slots__ is a way to avoiding the creation of a dictionary 
add all the attributes of a class into the __slots__ something like
class A(object):
    def __ini__(self):pass

Sibtey mehdi

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>M Kumar wrote:
>> how __slots__ can be useful for a python programmer, those who have time 
>> and consideration can help me out.
> This reminds me of this - 
> http://groups.google.com/group/comp.lang.python/msg/0f2e859b9c002b28
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