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> On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 5:51 PM, Banibrata Dutta
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> >
> > Obviously, it'd be pointless to call a track in Barcamp -- PyCon or
> PyCamp.
> > Why not use the Barcamp track just for kicking up some dust about PyCamp
> and
> > PyCon ? Unless one is strongly allergic to Barcamp in general, the show
> of
> > hands in such a track, could be a good measure of what participation one
> may
> > expect (from Bangalore) in PyCon-India, when it happens.
> Nope. Perhaps my statement was confusing. I am in no way
> allergic to barcamp. I think it is a great concept and it works very
> well too. What I was suggesting was that we should not be bringing
> up barcamp everytime one suggests PyCon India. We can definitely
> discuss Python in barcamp and have a BoF to even discuss
> PyCon India ideas at Barcamp.
> My point is that whenever a PyCon India happens, it has to
> be physically a different entity from Barcamp. PyCon India
> should have its own identity, so to speak.

Absolutely. No doubts, questions or contentions about that.
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