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Yes exactly , why use pycon? lets name it something innovative and attractive which sounds less formal and more friendly .. a name which quickly came to my mind is IndiePy .. haha. Lets start something innovative :) .. people will visit pycon for what pycon is and our conference (say X ) for what X is. 


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Frankly, I dislike going this way. For one, it spreads energies
and barcamp is definitely an unconference. I think the first PyCon
India, if it ever happens should be a regular conference.

Let us not confuse ourselves right from the start. Barcamp
is barcamp, not pycamp, period.

No I am just updating the back references for benefit of new members.

I agree that a conference should be a conference. 

This years Pycon is a nine day event with tutorials and development sprints. 

I am OK even with a 2 day event, since its the first time around, with a third day for options such as sprints, BOFs or tutorials



Can you find out whether there are any obligations we may have for using Pycon name?

> Ramdas
> I


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