[BangPypers] Commercial: Need help to support prototype web app dev with TG 2.0

Ravi Shankar-Uma Iyer ravi.uma at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 02:14:24 CET 2009

      I am looking for experienced and professional independent
consultants/small firms to support my internal software dev. team by
guiding, designing  and maybe even fully developing the first prototype of a
web app that aids product selection and configuration (we make pumps and
industrial valves). After much debate, our internal team has selected
TurboGears 2.0b1 over Rails for all such future development. We use only
FOSS technologies internally, so Flash devs. need not even try.

  We need to start work by end of next week and complete the prototyping by
end Mar 2009. I am looking for highly experienced individuals/firms with
good communication skills and a good track record. If you are interested and
available, please send me a brief summary of your capabilities along with
URLs to publicly available samples of your work if any. I also need
indicative rates on a daily/hourly basis. We are located at #2, First Floor,
Platinum City, Yeshwantpura, Bangalore 560003.

My email id: ravi.shankar
Email domain: weirminerals.com

     I apologize in advance if this email does not meet the posting
guidelines of Bangpypers in any way.

Ravi Shankar
Head - Shared Engineering Services
Weir Minerals India Ltd.
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