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On Sat, Jan 10, 2009 at 1:40 AM, Pradeep Gowda <pradeep at btbytes.com> wrote:

> On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 2:20 PM, (श्री) Sreekanth B <gnuyoga at gmail.com>wrote:
>> hi kenneth,
>> what u said may not be really true.... there are thousands out there
>> in France and Germany who cannot even write a sentence in English;-)
> That's because they study in French/German medium schools and not in
> English medium schools like most of us. 16 years of using a language to
> learn everything from math, science to engineering  should equip one with
> basic skills, isn't it?

Beg to differ here. The no. of "english medium" schools is a high number
only in urban jungles, and more so in metros. Move a bit further from there,
to the rest of India, those "english public schools" are either missing or a
big fiasco.

I know a fairly large bunch of highly successful, well-established,
technocrats who do not have an excellent command over this language
(english). However, most of them confidently use the language anyhow. Point
is, for a person who did his schooling, largely in a vernacular language,
and took up english just for 1 or 2 years, as an "additional course", didn't
have a community and environmental setting which permitted one to use
english too much, chances are quite high that the person may not have an
excellent command. Also, the SMS-culture ('y r u lk ths'), has done a good
bit to weaken the language sense, as well.

So, IMHO, I'd not judge one's english speaking/writing abilities as a way to
judge one's capabilities as a technocrat. The person in question, did manage
to communicate his/her need anyhow.

> I'm not commenting on the original posters english ability.
> Kenneth expressed what anybody in hiring  position would do -> "If this guy
> cannot write a nice intro mail, how good can he be? etc. "

Point taken. I know that Kenneth is not alone in using english as a
yardstick of communication skills, nor is it completely incorrect. I'd
rather say that, give this person a chance, see how he fares overall, and
then use the knowledge of weakness in english as "parameter" in the 360deg

> So, while Kenneth's mail can come across negatively, I think he has worked
> enough youngsters to recognize that having good communication is as
> important as programming skills to get a good job. especially in a bearish
> job market.
In a Bearish market, any excuse is a good excuse, not to hire. It's
Caveat-Emptor for the employer, so they call the shots, get their standards
as high as they can imagine.

> My two paise...
> FWIW,I studied in a Kannada medium school.

And I'd say you are fortunate and definitely bright. :-)

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