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We use it internally in our team for various tasks, some day to day task
scripts, a tool with server/client arch. Server in C/Python and client in
IronPython. Many tools we use support python scipting.

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> Typically Python is used in product/consulting companies
> with niche software/consulting such as Django, Zope
> and other Python based web frameworks.
> Python is otherwise used in places like Google, HP,
> IBM. Startups also tend to use it a lot, especially those
> in search, mobile etc.
> The purpose of this thread is to start a discussion among
> Python usage among those in the IT service sector - say
> among the big 5 (Infosys, TCS, Wirpo, Accenture, IBM Global
> Services...)
> If you are working in the Indian IT service industry and have
> used or currently use Python in your work, do write in
> with your experiences. I think this will be helpful for other
> people who look for jobs in this sector and have an exposure
> to Python.
> Btw, I don't work in the service sector. The purpose of this
> thread is purely academic, so that this discussion is useful
> for people searching for jobs...  :)
> --
> Regards,
> -Anand
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