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  The only way to learn programming is to program. I learnt C++ when I was
in high school and I remember getting intimidated by some of the problems
posed. I thought I cannot do it. But when I gave it a try it happened and a
whole new world of programming opened to me. One of the problem posed by my
teacher was to place 8 queens on a chess board so that no queen is able to
cancel any other queen. During those days (1997) there was no internet and I
hail from small town called Dhanbad. I went after the problem and cracked
it. For many years, I thought I was the only person who can solve the
problem in that way. When I came to software industry I came to know that
kind of algorithm is known as backtracking algorithm. Was I a computer wiz
or something? Imagining backtracking algorithm in class XI in high school. I
don't think so. You just have to apply yourself and be creative. Python is
great language to start learning programming although certain concepts like
pointers is also a must know for a programmer.


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