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I was talking in general.I am not saying python/java programmers are lesser quality than C/C++ .Ultimately programming is a programming is a programming.
Since 80s to late 90s many Indian/foreign(US etc) have been teaching programming in C/C++.When I talked to 2 ex-professors in India,they observed that the rigor when students go through using c/++ is higher than java/python.For.e.g.manipulation of linked list,hash table.IMO better programming is not just understaning the layers of abstraction but understanding some intracacies,what goes below the hood.

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>> have found those how have programmed  in C/C++ are generally better(in
>> problem solving) than who program in other languages.
> I would disagree quite strongly based on my experience. I don't thing
> programmers are any worse, but they certainly aren't any better on
> What I have observed in my particular area of work (which has an emphasis
> OO) is that C/C++ programmers are least likely to respect good OO
> followed closely by Java/C# folks.

I'm guessing that Prasanna was thinking of ACM ICPC kind of problems
when he claimed that C/C++ is better in problem solving. These kind of
problems require the contestant to write code so that they run within
a given time limit.. a restriction which forces one to write it on
C/C++ than a high-level language.

BTW, if one is just starting to learn programming.. I hear HtDP is
pretty good - http://htdp.org/
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