[BangPypers] Any python metaclasses for UID

Shivaraj M S shivraj.ms at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 10:20:45 CEST 2009

We will have to wait for UID I guess.
In a ''real world scenario''

class ClassI(Gates):
def __init__():
friend void exchange(ClassI& x, Gates& y)

void exchange(A& x, B& y)
     B.x = A.location.awards
     A.x = B.location.banks.outsource

These classes extended from probably c++ or so (of whose patchy source is
closed) .

Now the issue is this class has also a friend in UID but can be extended by
python in real world.

class UID():
friend void A::show(ClassI& x, UID& y);

UID is meant to be in public domain of whose behaviour is unknown. Should be
available near future Py 3.0
Coming back to the question:
Can there be a metaclass in python which can change the behaviour of object
at creation stage by extending it and nullifying friend functions?

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