[BangPypers] Any python metaclasses for UID

Shivaraj M S shivraj.ms at gmail.com
Fri Jul 31 07:19:14 CEST 2009

One more typo Of Inheritances and diamonds,*
*quote(nouful): Why don't you try converting Gates to a factory*
Well, the factories is what implements Gates since Gates is closed as is
Winds often seen cracked before opening err ... called release. The unique
thing is the closure is a recursive one applied to all that is derived .
They use  singular tense "is" .*

class IFactory():
        def register(self, release, *locks, **patches):
            _args = [release]
            _args.expected.location.crack =
            setattr(self, random_algo_word_length_key)
           self.is_closed = true

        def unregister(self,hackers):
            delattr(self, blame)

This provides the indirection needed.

Not intended to confuse anyone but invariably it gets  :-)
And on a ending note , wishing class BDFL ,the best for a polarising year

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