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> the problem is that our education systems teaches tools and not concepts.
>> And
>> industry also wants people who can use tools and cannot think for
>> themselves.
>> Remember that most of our so-called IT industry does not produce software,
>> but
>> just writes code.
> While I agree that the problem lies fundamentally with the education system
> somewhere, I am not sure the problem is as simple as the system teaching
> tool usage as opposed to concepts. In fact, I would go so far as to argue
> that the system teaches them nothing. I've seen certain trends that I find
> interesting, not just at a technical but at a sociological level.
> You mentioned you are from a small city, and this is something that
> interests me tremendously. I work for a company which used to have 10-12
> developers from small towns in AP. These 10-12 people formed an interesting
> community where they would help each other out. The first guy to come in,
> would have all the relevant ebooks downloaded and ready to serve to the next
> person who would come in and so on.
> I find it particularly interesting because this ladder scheme of theirs
> indicates a few things:
> a) Their education system didn't have them prepped for such a scenario
> b) They feel the need to stick to each other because they don't have
> outside help
> c) They have industrialized a certain process that works to their personal
> benefit.
> In other words, they are working the system. I don't entirely blame them
> since given their background, its only natural for them to seek out what
> they believe is a better life for them. I also don't want to be mean to
> them.
> What are your experiences as a person from a "small town"? My question is
> more directed towards your 'programming culture' now vis-a-vis to your
> programming culture from your small town?
> Jayanth
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