[BangPypers] Responding to people who lack the curiosity

Anand Balachandran abpillai at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 11:47:15 CEST 2009

> I've considered this argument of a large working population being the
> reason for this. However this argument doesn't hold up because, if this
> supposition were true, then what would also be true is that the number of
> posts by people in the Indian developer community would be high. I find,
> very often, that this is not the case. Esp in the Ruby community. Nearly
> every Indian dev is somehow Rails connected, if at all, and nearly all of
> them ask poor questions.
> Jayanth

 I don't think this is an affliction peculiar to Ruby or Rails, but a common

 disease that seems to affect non-curious rookie Indian devs everywhere.
 I have seen a lot of questions, even worse than this, when I used to be
 active in the c.l.py forum about 3-4 years back.

 Posts like this would have been considered okay 9-10 years back when
 Internet penetration was much less, the number of forums not too high
 and Google just starting up. However, I fail to understand a developer
 posting such inane questions at this age, when the Internet is full of
 helpful postings done already by developers who have faced similar
 problems before.

 I typically search obscure error strings when I have some issue on Linux
 associated with my work. It could be a build error of some obscure
 library, a MySQL error or anything - Google has *never* failed to produce
 a result yet. Often I end up getting many hits from forums from people
 who have faced similar issues in the past.

 Anyway, this kind of questions are normally seen with devs who are
 just starting off and doesn't have either the curiosity or the time to
 devote some time to look at the issues, before asking for help.
 Most of the time they can be correct with a gentle nudge in the righ
 direction or tips on how to post in forums.

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