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Fri Jun 12 16:22:40 CEST 2009

On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 18:12, Pradeep Gowda<pradeep at btbytes.com> wrote:
> While a name like "Manmohan Singh Ph.D(oxford econ)" may be treated
> with suspicion, I see no problem
> with a name like Rita Rai. I do not care for real names, as long as
> the nick you use is acts as smart you are in real life.

ah, now you are contradicting your earlier statement : "I think it's
best to ignore mails from users who do not care enough to use their
real name/nick while asking questions." [/unquote]

As for knowing if someone is smart in real life, the 'RFC 1855 in a
Nutshell' says it better : Ideas can be foolish; people are not fools
simply for expressing a foolish idea. At this point, i wonder how the
internet, geographical disconnect will even give us a glimpse of the
real life of an OP, and why does it even matter !!

> The best thing about computers is there are no geographical boundaries.
> I cannot and will not wait till somebody gives my country a
> certificate saying "you are now a developed nation".

Since you missed my point, here is what i meant by "infrastructure
resources" - better education system, better internet connectivity, a
city/village with a better power grid that does not shut down for the
better part of the day/night, etc..... IIRC, even Bangalore , the
silicon valley of India,  has regular power cuts and it must be worse
in a small city or the village(s).  Echoing Kamal's thoughts on the
newbie aspect, lack of language/social skills, etc, i'd add that good
infrastructure does  matter in the smaller scheme of things atleast
with respect to the amount of time a person gets to spend online to
research these things. Ofcourse, the above is no excuse for 'do my
homework now' demands.

> By your own argument, you should start talking with a "developing
> nation" slant to show solidarity.
> Obviously, you are not. What made you be better than that?  A
> privileged education, smart friends, patient mentors,
> your own hard work and patience?

err... i am not sure what is the point you are trying to make here.
care to explain?

> My reply to the OP was in good faith, while assuming no incompetence
> on the part of the poster in question,
> while it was my  first reaction to it too. I have interacted with
> enough young Indian developers (just out of college etc)
> to understand that for every `n` developers who write "plz help" there
> are a `k` who go on to become very good.
> While `k<<n`, I care enough to reduce the gap by sharing what I know.


> You may not agree with the reference I  quote, but that's your prerogative.

Absolutely. I've never found RTFM polite and was thinking out loud on
why that FAQ is not my choice for introducing someone to online
netiquette. If 'basic questions' were so annoying i'd rather spend my
time elsewhere than subscribe to a *-user or *-help list and shoo away
newbies with snark.

> By your own admission, you are trying to be borderline anonymous.
> I recommend you to read the 1st reference on using real names, if you haven't.
> May be you wouldn't have replied the way you have if you had to put
> your real name behind it.

.... since you contradict yourself twice (in this mail and the earlier
one) and jump to conclusions (about me :)), i'll pass. Nothing

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