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> > Jayanth
> Don't blame the poor chap here. Blame microsoft for that cryptic error
> message.
> "'nmake' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
> operable program or batch file."
> Does it mean 'nmake' is there and recognized as something else like a
> text file? How can a newbie understand that nmake is not installed.
> I have seen so many people not staring at the error messages just
> because they think they can't make a sense of the error messages.
> Which is true to some extent.
> I remember some case like this in when I was doing my engineering.
> After installing linux and using it for some days, it used to get boot
> error "fsck: check forced". I didn't know what "check forced" means
> and that was like a road block for me and all I could do was reinstall
> linux from scratch again. I didn't had access to internet then,
> otherwise I could have asked similar foolish(?) questions.
> I think we should be kind for people asking such questions and show
> them the right way instead of flaming.

Boy have I opened a pandora's box or what?!

Great thread so far.

What you say is true, perhaps I should be kinder to him. However, I am not
sure what I can tell him at the moment. I've no clue what exactly is up with
his nmake :D

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