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> Kenneth,
> You have been hitting the nail on its head repeatedly. I enjoy watching
> (reading) that.
> Let us train more programmers who can truly be *programmers*. Python is
> perhaps the best vehicle for that journey. My understanding is that those
> who claim to be good programmers do not like it if they are told on their
> face that they still learning to be just programmers. (What is wrong with
> life long learning anyway ? It is never late to learn). And their managers
> have an even worse feeling to face facts because they have to justify their
> salaries and other bills too.
> jayasimha
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You seem to be questioning the wrong problem. What you state might be
entirely true but is irrelevant in this context. Any given company has a
million kabillion things to do. Resources are precious, and allowing them to
self-learn on company time is not exactly a wise financial decision. There
is no easy way to monitor them and measure their progress if they do
self-learn. A lot of people might not take to the decision seriously enough
and as mentioned by other posters, might carry around serious paradigm based

Several C/C++ people I've known take their time to find their footing with
perl, esp with using Hash as an important data structure. While specific
corporate training might not be any better at improving this than self help,
a training course could be structured well enough to stress on idiomatic
concepts that they might never find out by reading certain books or looking
at certain sites.

Also, while I do advocate self-help, I honestly believe that a sense of
curiosity is > than the sources you learn from.

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