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> Let us train more programmers who can truly be *programmers*. Python is

How do you make that decision ? Is there an objective set of criterion ?

> perhaps the best vehicle for that journey. My understanding is that those
> who

Advocacy isn't the subject matter, I believe ! :-)
There is "a best tool" for every job, and very rarely, "one best tool" for
every job !!


> And their managers have an even worse feeling to face facts because they
> have to justify their salaries and other bills too.

First thing is for the managers to justify their own salaries. IMHO, talking
of lacunae, we are riddled with a defunct hierarchy of managers who switched
tracks because they could no longer keep up with the productivity and
smartness of younger, smarter and more agile bunch of engineers !! of
course, that is generalisation streched too far... but i doubt, too detached
from reality.

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