[BangPypers] Questions regarding Image cropping

Arunabha Adhikari arunabha.adhikari at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 08:55:17 CET 2009

Dear friends,

I am a beginner in Python programming. I am not a computer professional I am
a physicist. I was trying to write a code in python for my own research
which involves a little image processing. All I need to do is to display an
image and then select a region of interest using my mouse and finally crop
out the selected region. I can do this in Matlab using the ginput()
function. I tried using PIL. But I find that after I issue the command
Image.show(), the image is displayed but then the program halts there unless
I exit from the image window. Is there any way to implement what I was
planning. Do I need to download any other module? Please advise.

Arunabha Adhikari

Arunabha Adhikari
West Bengal State University
Barasat, 24 arganas, North
25844178, 25844179, 25844180
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