[BangPypers] IDEs Presentation (was Re: Do we have any NetBeans IDE for Python users here?)

Anand Chitipothu anandology at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 06:27:38 CET 2009

> I'm guessing that there are some people around who are capable of presenting
> some stuff on web development frameworks (say... web.py? *wink* *wink*). If
> they're willing, we'd have two nice presentations lined up for next month.
> :)

I can do a presentation of web.py, but I can do some thing more interesting.
How about a presentation on "Puzzle Generation using Python"?

I did some work a generating puzzles. The goal was to run a script and
get PDF as output.

I faced lot of challenges during development. To list a few:

* generating puzzle
* converting it to image
* typesetting to make PDF
* unicode support for Indian Languages

Here are some sample puzzles if you want to have a look.


Does this sound interesting?

(I haven't published the code, but planning to do soon)

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