[BangPypers] Today's IRC meeting

Noufal Ibrahim noufal at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 06:00:16 CET 2009

Hello everyone,
   The meeting is planned for today at 9:00.

   It would be great if someone can own up to making minutes of the
   meeting and posting them on the wiki.

   I have some other commitments and will not be there for meeting but
   will keep my client connected so that I have the logs. I will go
   through them later and try to filter out the decisions offline.

   I am attaching below a simple agenda outline which we can use to
   keep the meeting focused and productive. Please feel free to
   modify it before the meeting on this thread so that we can make the
   best use of our time. We can strip out parts of this if it's
   premature to talk about it now. I think the main points are the
   sponsorships and the volunteers

   Also, I apologise in advance if I sound like a suit. :)

* Date
  - When is the conference?
  - Are there other conferences around at the same time?
  - David explicitly asked that it not be competitive so we need to be
    doubly sure.

* Positions (IMPORTANT)
** We need people to take up ownership for the following positions.
They need to coordinate the area.
   - Treasurer - Needs to keep track of money and maintain the balance
                 sheet, accounts etc.
   - Logistics - Needs to worry about venue, facilities (computers,
                 net etc.), accommodation for foreign people etc.
   - Advertising - Needs to open pipelines with various channels
                   (mags, newspapers, blogs, people etc.) to make sure
                   that the event is sufficiently publicised.
   - Participation - Needs to make sure that word of the conference is
                     reached to places like colleges, companies. Needs
                     to co-ordinate papers, presentations etc.
   - Website - Someone should own this up and keep it up and
               running. Should also publicise it.
   - Sponsorship - Someone should own up creation of a sponsorship
                   kit, narrowing down the companies who need to
                   visited and coordinating the efforts.
   - Head - The conference should have a point of contact for external

* Sponsorship (IMPORTANT)
** We need to decide on who to visit.
** Need to know what will go into the sponsorship kit
** Need to arrange funds to get this printed. Probably voluntary donations.
** Need to have a time and money deadline. If we don't meet this,
we'll have to scale down or cancel.

* Format
** What is the event going to be like?
** Specifics on how many days, hours, format of talks

* Venue
** Where do we hold this?
** How do we arrange things like net etc.
** Needs inputs from people who have done stuff like this before.

* Advertising
** Blogs
** People
** Sites
** Colleges etc.
** Copy for formal channels like magazines etc.

* Money matters
** How do we keep track?
** Separate account?
** Balance sheets etc.



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