[BangPypers] User Groups at devcamp

Darkseid lorddaemon at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 06:22:49 CET 2009

That's a nice idea - do you think it would be useful to host user groups 
as part of dev camp? This may involve no more than priniting (say) 
BangPyper stickers which can be added to participants name tags, and 
setting aside a 30 min session in the day for a quick user group catch 
up. That way others who are interested in Python can recognise a 
Pythonista *and* has a group of people to talk to. We can do the same 
for the Ruby, Functional Programming, .Net, Java etc.

Basically I'm trying to help campers recognise experts in their area of 
interest easily. Does this make sense?


PS: DevCamp site at http://devcamp.in

Vinayak Hegde wrote:
> 2009/3/19 Baiju M <mbaiju at zeomega.net>:
>> I won't be able to come for meeting until may 1st week.  I will join our
>> IRC meets.
>> Regards,
>> Baiju M
> I would like to come to the meeting but can't make it till mid-April.
> How about meeting during/after devcamp (http://devcamp.in) on April
> 11th at Thoughtworks.
> -- Vinayak

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