[BangPypers] Python Day India

Anand Chitipothu anandology at gmail.com
Fri May 1 12:05:14 CEST 2009

> This discussion has turned into a design by committee orgy. The only way
> this will work is if someone takes charge, makes decisions, and asks the
> list for approval and publicity, not suggestions. You're better off
> correcting for bad decisions than expecting a crowd to make them in the
> first place.

good idea!

> To get this started, I propose a one-day event on Saturday, May 8, at the
> Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) on Cunningham Road, Bangalore. CIS has
> a conference room that can seat up to 30 around a long table. It's perfect
> for discussions. I will ask CIS to confirm the date and to sponsor snacks
> and beverages. We will have to pay for our own lunch, which we'll order from
> a nearby restaurant (< Rs 100).

May 8 is Friday. I think you wanted to say May 9.

> I have two agenda items for the day:
> 1. First half: Discuss Zine as (a) a weblog platform, and (b) model
> structure for a framework-independent Python web-app. Have a sprint for
> about three hours to add a few new features.
> 2. Second half: Provide a place for anyone interested in discussing PyCon
> India. Since I'm not volunteering to run the event, I have no agenda. I will
> continue to work on Zine if no one is interested in PyCon.
> Who's up for this? If you want something else done on the day, please just
> take charge. I will be responsible for the venue and for discussing Zine.


People interested only in PyCon can join the second half directly.

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