[BangPypers] Joins with Django

Puneet Aggarwal look4puneet at gmail.com
Wed May 6 07:51:26 CEST 2009

Hello All,

I am trying to learn django and write a small application. I am facing issue
in executing a join with django.
I am able to find a work around by executing a raw SQL query using cursor.
But that have problem that I need to access fields using
"object.0' or 'object.1'  which is too verbose and error prone.

Is there better way of doing the same thing or executing joins using Django

here is my table structure

table 1 : Company
id = IntField
name = CharField

table 2 : Schmes
id = Int field
Name = CharFiled
comp_id = ForeignKey (company)

table 3 : Price

scheme_id = ForeignKey(Schemes)
price          = CharField()
Date          = DateTimeField()

I want to execute a query on the price table where I can select the price of
all the schemes for the specified company.

something like this if I write SQL :

select price from Price, Schemes, Company where Price.scheme_id = Scheme.id
and Scheme.comp_id = Company.id and Company.id = 1.

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