[BangPypers] array in python

Anil cranil89 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 14:55:25 CEST 2009

Jeff Rush wrote:
> None of the above is suitable for signal processing in Python, for (1)
> speed of loading data into memory, (2) operating on it and (3) storing
> it efficiently in memory (since you tend to have a lot of it).
> I would use the 'array' type in the stdlib or better still, the array
> type in the NumPy package.  The NumPy array has a much richer set of
> operators you can apply efficiently to a signal sample stream.
> Years ago I used it on a contract for on-the-fly 2-D image processing
> from a batch currency scanner (counterfeit detection) and it was able to
> do pretty complicated calculations and keep up.
> -Jeff
True, numpy rocks :), I've used it for speech processing myself with 
audiolab that Asokan mentioned and now i'm using it for 2d biomedical 
image processing ... Although I know nothing about GNUradio, I can tell 
you numpy rocks... :D

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