[BangPypers] Perl or Python ?

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On Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 2:09 PM, Gopinath R <gopiindian86 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> It is my pleasure finding this mailing list. I am a Open Source guy. but
> not an expert. I m strong in Shell Scripting. I need to learn one more open
> source language for excellent job opportunities.

> I am bit confused in choosing it. I need your suggestions
> i should go for PERL or PYTHON. Which one is powerful and will give you
> more job opportunities?
> Thanks,
> R.Gopinath
> http://neuronring.com
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> Its refreshing to see such a candid statement about a practice so many
programmers indulge in (learning a language for excellent job
opportunities). I would imagine that perl is great for opportunities of the
nature of system administration (as an upgrade from shell scripting), rapid
tooling and some amount of web based development. I have always wondered how
many of the advertised opportunities about perl actually have perl as the
primary language. I'm sure many do but I suspect perl is likely to be used
as a secondary language more often than many other languages.

On the other hand python might be helpful for programming related to
algorithms, computations, web based apps (eg. using django etc.), more
advanced scripting and some amount of financial apps eg. trading desks.

Having expressed the applicabilities in the limited sample size I have seen,
allow me to interject one opinion. Select the right programming language for
the job not for the job opportunities. That requires you to build the
ability to learn any appropriate language on demand - and thats the skill
which probably really counts.

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