[BangPypers] Why do indians copy?

Srinivas Reddy Thatiparthy srinivas_thatiparthy at akebonosoft.com
Thu Oct 15 11:47:07 CEST 2009

Hi list,         
        This is my first post to the list though  I have been following
this list since 7 or 8 months.
I have been programming for a 1.5 years or so.Comparatively i have very
less exposure and exp as you  people have and 
please excuse me if u think this is a troll or flame.
         I know that this is not related to python, but i can't resist
discussing this.
Why do indian programmers ask for code in  Usenet (particularly Google
groups) ?
,saying that it's very urgent and on top of that they can't even able to
put their problem across correctly.In some cases
they ask you to send it to their mail ID's.
  Having  tried the problem and asking for help is OK.but this is
something like disgusting.
        I have been following Reddit  and News groups and forums and no
matter where ever i go these type of 
people are there(99% of them are indians).They don't even have the
patience to do googling..is copying seeped into our blood??
    I have worked at infosys , i have had a chance to work with
westerns,they never ever 
copy their home work(In training ,we used to do assignments and submit
at the EOD).They do submit what they did , if they can't
do it,they ask permission to submit later.But we (Indians) used to
copy.Yeah,i did copy and learnt lessons. :)
Srinivas Reddy Thatiparthy.
I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.
- Confucius.
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