[BangPypers] Why do indians copy?

Baishampayan Ghose b.ghose at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 12:54:58 CEST 2009

> Why do indian programmers ask for code in  Usenet (particularly Google
> groups) ?

Most Indian programmers were never supposed to be programmers. They
simply lack the cognitive skills required to be in the business. Yet
they are the ones who work for large/medium/small software service
companies. So when they face a problem, they have absolutely no clue
as to where to look for solutions. They also have no idea about the
various programming communities and their modus operandi. They just
join some random group and ask for solutions (it's akin to asking for
some software in some shareware group).

The problem is also inside the organisations; people who ask their
seniors questions are deemed to be fools, etc.

I think there is no solution to this specific problem. It's more of a
culture issue. Unless and until parents let their children do whatever
they want and the society treats people from all professions equally,
people will keep flocking into the most fashionable profession of that
decade. Computer programming is on its way out... management is much
more fashionable now; the only difference is that a programmer's work
revolves around the Internet and the Internet never forgets :)


Baishampayan Ghose
b.ghose at gmail.com

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