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Most important reason being people joining CS because of fashion and not
because they like it. In my entire class of 68, only 4 joined CS because
they liked it. The rest simply because they didn't want to 'disobey

The 'don't question it' culture hurts. 20 people got 90+ in OOP in my class.
None of them know the difference between a class and an object. Not their
fault - I'm not sure the faculty themselves know it. Data Structures in C -
15 people got 90+. Maybe 5 of them know what a pointer is. I am sure the
staff doesn't.

Maybe my sampling is biased, but I don't see 99% of my classmates becoming
programmers. Yet they will end up at some services company (only reappy
knows why) and go on to produce those spectacular posts. Happens all the
time here - nobody here can write code, and finding out ingenious ways to
cheat is considered great.

Maybe I should post a longer rant on my blog.

How was this like before the CS Boom? I'm sure some of you would have

On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 5:40 PM, Baishampayan Ghose <b.ghose at gmail.com>wrote:

> >> >> I brought up the same topic a few months ago I think. Basically if
> you
> >> >> go to the Ruby forums
> >> >
> >> > no real programmer goes to forums - they use mailing lists and IRC
> >>
> >> Forums like say, http://stackoverflow.com/ ?
> >
> > havent come across that - but I some how do not like forums - something
> dozey
> > about them
> Stackoverflow is not really a forum, it's more like a community Q&A
> website. And yes, StackOverflow has more people who work on Windows
> technologies.
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