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>  >Why? That's probably the answer you're looking for.
> That was a  big story noufal.To tell in short, I couldn't understand what
> they are teaching(in training) me?
> they taught entire java in 5 days and  expected to do programming by the
> end of it which i couldn't.OOPS was a big ghost to me back then.

 They expect you to be a robot coder for them, spewing out code in systems
 they have taught you to use and in ways they have taught you to think.

 These companies rely on armies of coders each writing a few pieces of huge
 systems, the full workings of which they don't understand. That is all what
 you are supposed to do, i.e be a code machine, one of the cogs in a great
 mechanism that is turning somewhere in the base of a huge machine.

 There is a tendency to over generalize this for all software companies
 in India, but that is not true. There are many companies which produce
 and nurture good developers here, but a good majority falls into the
 software shop category.

> I have had no choice than to copy though i disgusted it and felt guilt of
> it.i mean this from my heart.
 i was caught  and infy sent me out.
 I pity your position but I can understand it. You clearly did not suit
their system
 of cramming up and retching out. Anyway that is no way to learn coding.

 I am lucky I learned my first steps of programming in a company which
 me to experiment and often fail, till I learned how to walk without help...

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