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Fri Oct 16 20:54:25 CEST 2009

On Sat, Oct 17, 2009 at 12:06 AM, Rajeev J Sebastian
<rajeev.sebastian at gmail.com> wrote:
>> My response was to the larger community, and not to just you :)
> That's probably why you started your response with an "Err ... No" right ?

Rajeev, My "Err..no" was to you, and the remainder of my explanation
was to all on the list (including you).

Please let me know if you expected some other form of response so that
I can avoid mis communication and confusion in future.

>> When we'd last met at Thoughtworks last weekend, I'd mentioned that
>> the Belenix project would
> Would what ?

Sorry, I seem to have hit "Send" too early.

I'd mentioned that the Belenix project would be of interest to
programmers who use Python, both as a development platform, as well as
an open source project to which we could all contribute to.

>> After I responded to you previously, I've been reading more about Pardus.
>> At present, Belenix uses what Solaris has for service management -
>> SMF. Apart from the temporary package manager that I wrote about,
>> we've not written anything else using Python for Belenix. We're either
>> busy with work, or with porting and testing software packages to
>> Belenix.
> So basically, you made a call for *developers* for Belenix (as opposed
> to *Python developers*). I was trying to clarify that point.

My messaging is about an opportunity for Python programmers who'd like
to write apps for a new (to some of us) platform. Python based code
that would be written for KDE would be usable on KDE on Solaris and
not just on Belenix.

Some such apps could be -> adding ZFS awareness to Konqueror, or a
pyQT based app that would be better than TimeMachine, or ensuring that
kpackage and the smart package manager both work correctly on the
opensolaris platform.

Developing for Belenix in specific would involve activities such as:
- ensuring that rpm5 runs on Belenix
- cleaning up and refactoring spec files to be smaller and to have the
right version numbering.

I look forward to meeting you.

> Regards
> Rajeev J Sebastian
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