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steve steve at lonetwin.net
Mon Oct 19 07:26:06 CEST 2009


On 10/19/2009 10:00 AM, Srinivas Reddy Thatiparthy wrote:
> I  want to participate in python open source  projects,can you people
> suggest me one which has around 2000 to 3000 lines of code and no
> dependencies on other
> libraries please.

Although picking up a small project and working on it by yourself is one way to 
participate in an open source project. There is another easier and more 
satisfying way --

a. Search for something that interests you. Something that you use or would like 
to customize for your use. Or, something that you have an interest in exploring. 
There are thousands of projects to choose from at:
     Choose something sufficiently 'mammoth' (in your terms).

b. Join the project's mailing list and search through the project's bugs list. 
See, if there is some thing that seems easy and manageable there and offer to 
fix it. Ask for clarification/assistance on the mailing list if needed.
     Another way to approach the searching for bugs, is to actually start using 
the application you intend to contribute to :) !! ...you'll eventually come 
across some behavior that you would like to 'fix' or change.
     It could be as simple as changing/correcting error messages or adding 
additional logging, or including a 'not-critical-but-nice-to-have' option ...etc.
     Many large projects could use help on a lot of such small tasks, which 
never get done because there is always something with a higher priority for the 
core developers to tackle.

c. After fixing few such bugs, you would have not only gained some confidence 
but also would have learned enough about to the code base to tackle larger 
issues like a feature request.

The advantage of this approach as opposed to doing a small toy project is that 
you will learn to deal with large code bases without getting overwhelmed and 
also would be more likely to continue contribution. Furthermore, you would get 
bragging rights as a contributor to a large well-known project :).

The whole point of this reply is -- It is great that you want to contribute to 
an open source project ! However, don't waste time in writing 'yet another' mp3 
player or editor or organizer or calendar or calculator ...we already have too 
many of those. Yes, you /will/ learn a lot by doing any of those but you would 
learn *as well as contribute* by starting small in a large project.

- steve

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