[BangPypers] [OT] Guido's Tweet on Top Posting

Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at au-kbc.org
Fri Sep 11 11:20:14 CEST 2009

On Friday 11 Sep 2009 2:41:48 pm Dhananjay Nene wrote:
> I haven't since a convincing argument either way on the topic why should
> newer folks
> adopt or not adopt a Usenet sensibility. IMO the usenet "pattern" is simply
> fighting
> a losing battle (one I gave up ages ago before shifting to top posting).

this is interesting. I never knew there were *any* arguments for top posting - 
apart from the default 'it is the easiest way of doing things'. Could you 
point out these arguments?
> > Others, unfortunately fail to accept it; they are simply too lazy to
> > be courteous to others. I would blame the webmail clients for that
> > though. They are simply not smart enough to put the cursor in the
> > right place (which is below the quote). Thunderbird does that nicely.
> Bottom posting is exactly that -  a courtesy.  But it is also a courtesy
> which is increasingly hard to offer as most people use top posting.

bottom posting is worse than top posting - interleaved posting in context is 
what we are talking about
> I suspect courtesy really extends both ways - and I choose to top post by
> default (to be courteous to the maximum number of readers) and also be
> ambivalent to the top or bottom posting - I will read an interesting
> message either ways and not worry about whether the sender was courteous to
> me. The simple reason is that the message matters to me and as I reader, at
> least I do not have issues with the sender formatting it the way he or she
> chooses it - it really is largely irrelevant.

anyway thanks for interleaving your posts here - I personally appreciate the 
trouble you have taken

Kenneth Gonsalves

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