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I was looking at some bytecode optimizations last year. Tlee had some work already done on that front ; he had a branch. (But, I was not able to reach him and get to know about the stuff.) I mailed python-dev and Raymond replied back on this -- there are some good bugs in bytecode optimizations that you can have a look at to start off. Also, hang around in #python -- there are some really brilliant guys there. "@verve" helped me a lot on this front.

I did not make any commits, but it continues to be a great learning experience.
Reg unladen -- when I followed them in mar/apr this year , they were making some good progress. But the team was big I was not able to  assimilate all the knowledge(it was too fast for me). There is tonne of learning to be done.

OTOH, start with The Dragon Book, to understand the parlance.


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Hello everyone,
    Are there any people here who are interested and who've worked on
the actual CPython (or any other) interpreter directly? The whole idea
of unladen swallow is appealing to me and if there are others who are
into that kind of thing, it'd be great to collaborate on something on
that front.

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