[BangPypers] volunteers required

Anand Chitipothu anandology at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 12:46:47 CEST 2009

We require some volunteers during the PyCon conference for the tasks
given below. Please signup.

* Registration support

We need 2-3 people to help at the registration desk during first half of day 1.

* Food coordination

We need 2-3 people to coordinate food at tea and lunch times.

* Direction support

We need 2-3 people to answer phone calls and give directions to people
coming  from other places.

* Infrastructure support

We need 2-3 volunteers to make sure all the rooms have power strips,
wifi and make sure PA system and video recording are functioning well.
They should also check from time to time that the quality of recorded
video is good. They will be point of contact for any infrastructure
related failures.

* Session Chairs

We need volunteers to act as session chairs to make sure sessions are
running on time. The session chair should give a signal to the
presenter 5 min in advance and make sure the next speaker is ready. He
will be responsible to make sure the talks are running on time.

We divide the total time into 6 sessions and we need session chairs
for each session in each hall.

S1: Day 1 Start - Tea break
S2: Day 1 Tea break - Lunch
S3: Day 1 Lunch - Tea break
S4: Day 1 Tea break - FInish
S5: Day 2 Start - Tea break
S6: Day 2 Tea break - Lunch

Volunteers can signup as session chair for more than one session.  It
is easier if you plan to become session chair for the sessions that
you are going to attend.


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