[BangPypers] [Commercial] Looking for a Django developer

Gora Mohanty gora at srijan.in
Fri Apr 23 11:22:03 CEST 2010


Srijan Technologies, Pvt. Ltd., India ( http://srijan.in ) is
looking for Django developers in Delhi, with at least 8-12
months of experience in Django. Exceptional candidates well-
versed in other modern frameworks can also be considered.

If interested, please contact jobs at srijan.in with your resume.
You can also address any questions to that address, or if you
prefer, directly to me.

o Job description
  * The major part of your time will go into working on
    Django projects, largely from international clients.
    Typically, these projects involve a Django CMS, and/
    or Satchmo, the Django e-commerce platform.
  * Some portion of your time can be devoted to other
    projects, including open-source ones.

o Skills
  * Required:
    - 8-12 months of experience in working with Django
    - Capability to quickly pick up and use third-party
      Django applications
    - Flexibility in working on various parts of a project,
      e.g., being able to handle small Javascript/CSS issues.

  * Highly recommended:
    - Multiple skill-sets: Javascript/jQuery, and CSS
    - Familiarity with Satchmo would be a big plus
    - Experience with Django CMSes: feincms, page-cms, django-cms
    - Familiarity with Python
    - Experience in writing unit and functional tests
    - Basic project management skills: Source-code versioning,

  * Desirable
    - Demonstrable work on open-source projects
    - Knowledge of open-source databases, in the context of
      working with them through the Django ORM. Experience in
      database migration with Django would be a plus. 
    - Experience in other modern frameworks, e.g., RoR.
    - Experience with open CMSes: Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, etc.
    - Experience in other e-commerce platforms: Magento, Uberkart,

o About Srijan
  Srijan is an award winning IT consulting company engaged in
  designing and building corporate websites, portals, intranets and
  web applications using open source software.

  We take pride in an institutional culture of transparency,
  democracy, and our employees are encouraged to participate
  actively in internal decision-making. We value people who are
  bright, self-motivated, and independent-minded.


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