[BangPypers] python supports frameworks ?

Noufal Ibrahim noufal at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 07:35:48 CEST 2010

On Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 7:53 AM, jaya kumar <jayakumargenius at gmail.com> wrote:
> when we using php we can embedded the code of html, and java script and
> mysql bcoz it supports mulit language

You're confusing templating and application logic (just like PHP does)
so this comment is not really valid. I think you need to do some
Embedding SQL queries at the top layer of application is usually a bad
idea as well.

> is there python supports like this or else need to go any other scripting
> languages ?

Python frameworks usually split templating (Genshi, Mako, Templetor
etc.) from the application core (Django, TG, web.py etc.) (and both of
them from the model/store which is a different question altogether).

> these and all i need to web development purpose can any one please answer ?

Too broad for a simple answer. Try http://tinyurl.com/2fnu5xl

> and also please can any one tell is there any openings for freshers in
> python in bangalore ?

There are but not as many as you'd see for Java/.NET. Do you have your
resume up some place?

> if any openings in bangalore , python for freshers i would like to relocate
> to bangalore

That's usually a good idea even if there are no jobs. COming to
Bangalore and networking a little should help you find a job quite
quickly if you're competent.


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