[BangPypers] Wall street may embrace Python

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> On Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 3:18 PM, Sirtaj Singh Kang <sirtaj at sirtaj.net>wrote:
>>  This is not a deal-breaker of course, and this decision to use Python is
>> a sensible, pragmatic one (lots of python programmers around,
>> financial/statistical libraries are available and mature etc) but IMHO a
>> more declarative language would have been nicer from a provability
>> standpoint. Being able to write programs that reason about the contracts is
>> very important and trying to do it for a general purpose language like
>> python will be difficult.
> I think a DSL based contract (or more precisely waterfall specification)
> may be more concise and self descriptive. But that would require a
> definition of a new language grammar.  However ***reasoning*** about the
> contracts is not in the scope of the SEC specification. The scope is (in my
> understanding) a clear communication of the how the waterfall implications
> are worked out (eg. how much does each stakeholder get paid and what are the
> conditions under which that gets decided) and at least in terms of standard
> programming languages Python does pretty well.
> To further clarify what I meant when I said reasoning was further what if
analysis. I anticipate eventually that will find its way into excel or
something else that end users are most comfortable with.

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