[BangPypers] Can two django projects be made to communicate to each other

Anubha Dadhich sethi.anubha at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 07:10:03 CET 2010


Can two django projects be made  to communicate with each other and share
the same session, user_authentication etc., either at the application level
or at the production server level (say apache)

Explaining it further -

Say there are two django projects, with different settings file, but sharing
the same database, can they be made to run on the same port?

Or else, say one project is running on port aaaa and the other project is
running on port yyyy, can apache be configured in such a way that the user
does not come to know about the switch in port when a request is sent from
the url.

i.e. say there are two requests

i). www.test.com:aaaa/account/login  -- project1
ii). www.test.com:yyyy/profile -- project2

can there be any configuration setting so that the user does not have to
provide the port number explicitly to tell apache that the two requests are
actually to two different projects and can simply  send the request as

i) www.test.com/account/login -- project1
ii) www.test.com/profile -- project2

Just wanted to confirm if such a setting is possible or not. If yes, then
plz provide some information on how to achieve this.

Anubha Dadhich

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