[BangPypers] Can two django projects be made to communicate to each other

Siddharta G siddharta.lists at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 11:44:16 CET 2010

Yes you can, we do something like what you mentioned.

If both projects share the database, and are on the same domain (ie they
share the cookie) then you can login in one and be authenticated in the
other. Both projects need to be configured to use the same auth backend (its
like this by default)

If they are separate domains or servers and database is not shared then you
need more complicated solutions like OAuth that Sidu mentioned.

For the second part of your question about ports:

Yes, in Apache, you can run multiple projects off a single port. Our system
is set up so that http://host/project1 goes to project1 and
http://host/project2 goes to project2.

You can also setup the system so that you have a frontend apache server
which routes to other apache servers on different ports, like this

-> Apache port 80
          /project1  ->  Apache port 8080 -> Django project 1
          /project2  ->  Apache port 8081 -> Django project 2


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