[BangPypers] Can two django projects be made to communicate to each other

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On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 11:40 AM, Anubha Dadhich <sethi.anubha at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> Can two django projects be made  to communicate with each other and share
> the same session, user_authentication etc., either at the application level
> or at the production server level (say apache)
> Explaining it further -
> Say there are two django projects, with different settings file, but
> sharing
> the same database, can they be made to run on the same port?
> Or else, say one project is running on port aaaa and the other project is
> running on port yyyy, can apache be configured in such a way that the user
> does not come to know about the switch in port when a request is sent from
> the url.
> i.e. say there are two requests
> i). www.test.com:aaaa/account/login  -- project1
> ii). www.test.com:yyyy/profile -- project2
> can there be any configuration setting so that the user does not have to
> provide the port number explicitly to tell apache that the two requests are
> actually to two different projects and can simply  send the request as
> i) www.test.com/account/login -- project1
> ii) www.test.com/profile -- project2
> Just wanted to confirm if such a setting is possible or not. If yes, then
> plz provide some information on how to achieve this.
 This is out of context to the question posted, but just wanted to point out
 this as a very GOOD example of how to make a post asking for help in
 forums like this.

 A bane of programming forums such as ours is badly posted questions,
 of which we get our good share every month. I don't remember the number
 of times I posted ESR's "how to ask questions the smart way" in this list
 as reply to badly posted questions.

 This is a very good illustration of posting questions the smarter way.

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