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> >  That is re-architecting or re-designing depending on which side of the
> >  conference table you are - not re-factoring.
> >
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> Err... Refactoring _is_ redesigning, that is the whole purpose of
> refactoring.
> The difference is that traditional rearchitecting/redesiging is taking down
> the existing design and rewriting the application with a new design.
> Refactoring is doing it in such a way that you can go from A -> B in small
> steps without breaking the app at any point.

 I understand the difference. You mentioned "Architecture changes"
 which doesn't belong to re-factoring.

 In a way, the whole "re-writing vs re-factoring" thing is a bit blown-up
 since the answer to the most important question "Who throws away
 an entire piece of code and re-writes it from scratch" is "Not many",
 unless the code is highly experimental, a prototype, is a personal
 project (with not many users), or has hit the critical limit of usability
 extensibility in its current state, so that it has to be re-written from

 So, most of us do "re-factoring" or "whatever you may want to call it",
 almost routinely, whether it is at a code, design or architectural level.

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