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Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at au-kbc.org
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could you fix your mail client please - the formatting is a mess and I cannot 
make out what is quoted and what is not

On Monday 08 Feb 2010 4:07:19 pm Srinivas Reddy Thatiparthy wrote:
> >>The fact that Python is open source is orthogonal to the fact that it
> compiles source into bytecode which can be decompiled. Also "Python"
> >>can't be open source. "Python" is a programming language. A concrete
> implementation (eg. CPython) can be open source.
> >>By your logic, "C" is opensource (in it's gcc incarnation) and
> therefore should also suffer from the reverse engineering problem you're
> raising.
> Oops!! Didn't have brains to think of gcc when my friend said it. :).My
> bad.
> Thanks for pointing out the difference between a 'language'   and
> 'Implementation'.
> >>This is subjective. I personally think it's mainly marketing (Java had
> Sun and C# had MS). This leads to secondary effects like certifications
> (which are useful for >>>non-tech hiring managers to evaluate potential
> employees), availability of 'resources' (since most engineering grads
> jump onto the now popular language in the >>>>hope of getting a job)
> Ok.My Question is..
> What was   PSF's  in general, Guido's  in particular thoughts about
> marketing  python?
> And I heard Perl's marketing  was excellent.How did  they  manage it
> with limited funds?
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