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> > > Mine one of senior (at Amazon) suggested me "Go learn C++/ Java and
> > improve
> > > your DS/ Algo/ OS/OOP skills
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>  That is a wrong notion and should be corrected immediately. Your
> algorithmic skills have nothing to do with the language you choose to
> implement your code in. Algorithmic skills boils down to the extent
> of your knowledge in algorithms and the time you have spent to
> read and practice on the subject.

Hmm .. I wonder if algorithmic skills would remain independent of the host
language choice (for sake of comparison I offer PHP and Lisp as the two

Algorithms in principle and their articulation in a host language are two
different aspects and the latter is not language independent. Just using
python, I still find myself struggling much harder to write algorithms using
functional constructs as opposed to OO constructs (not to mention the
occasional frown when I use reduce()). There is an interplay between
algorithms and language (and in the case I just mentioned the choice of
language constructs). If my focus was primarily learning algorithms, I might
just give python the pass and head over to Lisp or Haskell.


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