[BangPypers] Internationals getting Python/Programming Jobs (steve)

Philippe May philippe.may at hanjinet.org
Wed Feb 10 19:17:08 CET 2010


Sorry for late reply.

I'm a French living in Bangalore, currently working for an Indian firm (actually a subsidiary of a French consulting company).
I had the same idea when i came here first, so let me share my experience.

It is not easy for a foreigner to get a local job, firms usually won't consider you unless they have a good reason to do so, like facing a western customer (initially my case). And this schema is not the one commonly chosen by the local main players: they usually hire foreigners only in their own country to win the trust of their customers, while the "real" job is made here by indian teams. Playing only on your technical skills is a miss imho.

The expats who live here are usually on short term basis, trustful employees sent here for starting up a local project. I don't think it's possible to come to India as an independent worker either.

So the first problem is to step in: almost the only way is to come on tourist visa, which legally forbids you to look for a job or do any business related activity.
Maybe an option could be: come and set up your own company (for example private limited), there should be no big problem in doing so if you are very patient with paper work, then get the status of employed director (you need another director too). A local chartered accountant can help for few bucks. Then you are on the market as an entrepreneur.

Regarding Python jobs, other people on this list answered already. I use heavily python "just" as a tool, my work not being a development project. This list shows that there are talented people around!

Anyways, don't hesitate to revert back, i'd be happy to help.

Finally: no, you're not mad... but many people would assume you are mad ;)


> Hi all,
> I'm an Australian who is considering living/working in Bangalore, I work
> with a lot of Indians here in Australia and figure why should they have all
> the fun of coming to another country to work.
> The main questions I have are:
>    - Do Bangalore IT companies hire many internationals?
>    - Can you get by with English only? (I note with happiness all
>    the correspondence on this list appears to be in English)
>    - What are the Python job prospects like in Bangalore?
>    - Do any of you work with/are internationals working in Bangalore and
>    would be willing to talk to me about it in more depth?
> Any other insights people have would be much appreciated, for example: am I
> mad?
> Thank you
> p.s. I hope this isn't too off topic/general but I figure since I belong to
> the Melbourne PUG we're like brothers in arms :)
> -- 
> Rory Hart

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