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Fri Feb 19 19:09:02 CET 2010

Rich Internet Applications open a can of "user interfaces for all" issues.
In India we have a large number of people who may be identified as
I.e., people who can see but cannot easily make sense of the words/text

w3.org's WAI-ARIA recommendations help address some of the
accessibility concerns,
provided appropriate screen readers and such are made available.
The case of the print-impaired is likely to push recommendations to be more
semantics based so that both the screen readers and the user interfaces
can react to user contexts in a better way.

On the other hand, it can become a considerable effort for developers
to realize these
recommendations in getting the web applications to be sensitive to these users.
One way to understand the generalized context is by looking into how
these issues
can be addressed at the level of Web application development frameworks.

We are Bangalore based, working on an open source product, being
developed using Python.
The product is to address how various communities can manage their
information -- i.e., a
Web application which is also a framework for configuring information
management oriented
Web applications. Effort now has been in using Python, Django,
Mongodb, jQuery, ...

Some of the essential features of this product are:
Dynamically configurable forms and workflows
Cohabitation of multiple groups, workflows and communities
Accessible to non IT-savvy for configuring their information management needs
Extensibility of the framework
Accessible to a sizable print-impaired segment

other keywords:
design, xforms, bigtable, Ajax, foss, CSS, orca, platform,
scalable, mobiles, database, pantoto, indic, audio, video

We can afford kind of decent pay for one position - for now,
and certainly simply afford many positions/contributions

Send a note with indications of interest, experience, expectations;
 to work at servelots.com

More announcements in March of an alpha release, repositories and issues.

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