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Senthil Kumaran orsenthil at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 12:28:04 CET 2010

On Fri, Feb 26, 2010 at 03:47:15PM +0530, Zubin Mithra wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been using python for quite some time; however this is the
> first python project i have worked on.

I see that the script is just a short cut utility, I personally feel opening
the file in the editor and then doing rest is easier for me than say I would
use this script.  However if this was some kind of coding exercise, it is good
for you.

> The code is hosted at http://github.com/zubin71/PyAutoRun
> The code needs re-factoring and feature additions; i have put up a
> TODO list there too. It`d be great if anyone could work on this; i

Some review comments.

in the core.py

import os, sys, random

This is usually discouraged. better would be  write one import in one line.
Also writing one import stmt in a line has the practical advantage that if you
were to use code parsing tools like 2to3, it would work properly.

from os import system

See if you can use subprocess.

EDITOR = "vim"

What if I want to use gedit? Would you provide an option?

dictionaryCompiled = {'c': 'gcc', 'cpp': 'g++', 'java': 'javac'}
dictionaryInterpreted = {'py': 'python', 'sh': 'bash', 'rb': 'ruby'}

globals are usually a sign that your program is incorrect. try to communicate
using args or better yes, create a class and use the methods in that class. And
thisFormat is not used python. Just use smallcase variable name.

def openfile(_file):

In all places, _file is not required. The exposed variables prefixed by _ are
understood to be private. In your case just use a better variable name fname.

    commandOPEN = EDITOR + " " + _file #make command line statement for opening a file
It could be COMMANDOPEN.

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