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PyCon 2010 is complete and plans for PyCon 2011 in Atlanta have already
begun!  The main conference will once again be proceeded by two days of
tutorials.  There was quite a bit of feedback from students and teachers
this year that we want to incorporate in next years classes.  In order to do
this, more people need to get involved; why not you?  You do not need to
have any experience in organizing a national conference, just the desire to
help out.  There is plenty to do from tasks that take a couple of hours to
others that span months and you will get help with everything.  The areas we
will be working on are:

* Proposals -  help with the call for tutorial proposals and selection of
* Room Assignments - help get the selected tutorials assigned to classrooms
and monitor attendance numbers
* Notes - work with teachers to get class notes printed and distributed
* Program Guide - work with conference organizers to get tutorial
information in the conference guide
* Feedback - Work to get meaningful feedback from students and teachers (so
PyCon 2012 is even better!)
* Payments - collect information so our teachers get paid
* Runner - On tutorial days at the conference, make yourself available to do
whatever needs to be done.

It's a lot of work -- and a lot of fun-- to put on tutorials for PyCon each
year.  You won't get paid, but you will get one of the snappy "staff" tee
shirts when you attend PyCon and you get to work with an incredibly
dedicated group of volunteers.

Interested?  Please drop a note at pycon-tutorials at python.org and let us


Greg Lindstrom
Tutorial Coordinator, PyCon 2011 (Atlanta)


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